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Our Mission Statement

In 2018 our company decided to invest in the domain name "blindcleaners.com" to go along with our other domain names , "blindrepairs.com" and blindinstallers.com". This investment was made to develop a website for all Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners, Blind Repairs and Blind Installers to advertise their location. This will be accomplished when a customer enters their zip code under one of these categories at either blindcleaners.com, blindrepairs.com or blindinstallers.com.

Our mission in the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry is to have a blind cleaning, blind repair and blind installer in every zip code area. In doing so we will only list one(1) company per zip code area, which will give each blind cleaning company exclusivity to that territory. To explain this in greater detail; lets say for example your blind cleaning business is in zip code 12345, Blindcleaners.com will give your company exclusivity to the entire 123 zip code range, from 12301 to 12399. NO OTHER blind cleaner/blind repair/blind installer will be listed in your exclusive area.

In over 30 years in the blind cleaning/blind repair/ blind sales and installation business, we have come to realize that having a on-line training site was very important. There are to many blind cleaners out there that have never been properly trained or certified as professional blind cleaners. As a manufacture of blind cleaning equipment as well as one of the largest blind cleaning companies on the east coast, we have never understood how manufactures can sell blind cleaning equipment without proper training or certification of their clients. That's like selling a car with no gas tank. How can the car move forward without the gas? We have taken our 30+ years of experience of cleaning blinds and have created the only on-line training site that covers how to clean and dry every type of blind in the industry. This is done via detailed videos, audio and text. NO MORE GUESS WORK. The reason no other manufacture offers this type of training and support is because they don't clean and repair blinds for a living. Our courses also cover blind repairs, marketing and how to build a very user friendly safe blind cleaning work shop. Visit this link to learn about our on-line training.dirtyblindstraining.com By listing your company on blindcleaners.com we are offering our training at a very discounted price. We want everybody to have the right knowledge and support to succeed in the ultrasonic blind cleaning business.

Blindcleaners.com is leading the way in institutionalizing the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry. This will be accomplished by sharing important information, knowledge and more importantly bringing together a community of blind cleaning companies. When you are listed on blindcleaners.com you will be recognized as the local blind cleaner specialist for your zip code area.